Fazenda Boa Terra LLC

What is Fazenda Boa Terra?

We chose the name Fazenda Boa Terra in honor of Lidia’s home country of Brasil. The English translation equates Good Earth Farm, which has a twofold meaning. It applies to our environmental consciousness with a deep desire to harmonize with nature in all of our farming operations. It means leaving habitat for native plants to thrive alongside our cultivated species. It means treating insects, birds, mammals and amphibians as our allies, not competition. We let milkweed stand until the monarchs hatch and fly away. We don’t mow our grass low until the fledgling grassland birds have grown enough to leave their nests on the Good Soilground. As our farm grows you will see innovative ideas take effect that conserve electric, fuel, water, soil, improve the ‘wild lands’ and integrate native plant species and wildlife into our cultivated systems. But the primary meaning of Good Earth is all about our soil. When asked what a farm grows most people will respond with things like corn, chickens, tomatoes, apples, onions, cows and so on. While we may produce some of those things, they aren't what we farm. We farm things that have names you may have never heard before. We farm actinomycetes, mycorrhiza, azotobacter and rhizobia along with micro arthropods, nematodes and lots of other tiny things with funny names. In fact, one gram of soil may contain over 10,000 species! Its is these species that are the true workhorses in a healthy agricultural system. If we manage the earth so that these species have a happy home and proper nutrition; happy and healthy crops and livestock will almost grow themselves. Earth with vitality produces plants healthy enough to naturally resist insect attacks, disease and foul weather. Much like a  person that survives off highly processed 'dead' foods will have compromised health. So it is with plants feeding petroleum fertilizers in 'dead' soils and depend chemical pesticides to defend themselves from attack. By investing in our soils; we invest in ourselves, our customers and our community. We are investing in the future, one where the following generations will live on an Earth that we would be proud to hand down to them.