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Posted 7/10/2011 11:36am by John Middleton.

There is always a lot going on here at the farm and there are a few things we would like to let you know about to better connect with the farm, CSA community and hopefully help you make better use of your share each week. We know that it can be difficult to use everything in your share each week especially it’s something you aren’t familiar with. For that matter you might not even remember what something was called and aren’t even sure how to find a recipe for it. One of the most wonderful things about CSA is that it helps you to discover new foods, flavors and ideas. Part of our responsibility as farmers is to help you to do just that and we are working on that right now. We are in the process of launching Facebook and Twitter pages with help from CSA member Jeffrey Miller and his company Web Rescue (shameless plug yes, but we are happy to have his help with improving our web presence and ability to connect with our members). We hope that we can use these not only so that we can connect with you, but for you as part of this CSA to connect with each other and other friends of the farm. It will give us a way to send updates about what is happening at the farm while it’s fresh in our minds not just once a week in the newsletter. For instance I have been meaning to talk about Colorado potato beetles and what they do to potatoes, how they do it and what we can do to control them.  It doesn’t necessarily always fit in to a newsletter but we want to offer some insight into what crop management is all about. With twitter and Face book we can do that very quickly and easily. We could also post pictures of the eggs, larvae and adults so that you will know what they actually look like. Or maybe we can take a picture of lambquarters or purslane, common weeds of ours. If you garden they’re

probably weeds in your garden too, but did you know that they are both edible and delicious when young and tender. These wild foods can make even the best salad a bit better. These are some of the types things we hope to do. We also hope it can be a place where you can share cooking tips and recipes as well as canning and preservation ideas. Maybe you learned a trick that helps you keep your beets fresh for a couple extra days. If so it might be something others might like to know and this would be a way to help other members of the farm use their share better.  Do want to ask us a quick question, or let us know someone else will be picking up your share or that you need to pick up somewhere else? This will be another way to contact us beyond phone or email. We will also be adding a page to our website with pictures of each of our crops and it’s name. I am thinking that this page might be in the form of a photo share list. So that each week you can look at the share list along with a photo of that item so that you can quickly know exactly what you have and can get a better idea of what to do with it. We feel that with these tools we can really enrich our community and get the most out of the food we have each week. Please always remember that our CSA members are most important and favorite customers and we will always welcome your ideas above all. As the people who receive our vegetables it is you who knows best how to make the CSA experience as valuable and as simple as possible.

Important Message:

As I was editing the newsletter I received word that my Brother Eric was in the ER again. He has been battling a very rare form of cancer for the past 18 months and the prognosis is very poor at this point.   I am leaving for Virginia shortly to be with him. While I hope it is not, it is very likely our goodbye. In the coming weeks Lidia and I will need all the help we can get at the farm especially if we are called away again (she will hold down the fort this weekend). If you believe in such things I ask you to pray for my brother, his wife Geodee and two precious little girls Erica and Kailey. I apologize that I didn’t properly edit the newsletter this week.